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Now-a-days ,Girls are equivalent with boys in all fields. We can see many smart and brave ladies in highly competitive male-dominated fields. The governments all over the world has been introducing female empowerment laws and regulations for the betterment of women’s living conditions. Here, in India, the government has enacted many laws for women empowerment and is in the process of introducing many more laws. To be competitive and smart in this world, girls must have moral support, mental support and self-confidence. Self-confidence means positive attitude about her active surroundings and her physical structure. A girl, in her reproductive age experiences various natural phenomena such as menstruation, motherhood etc. Menstruation is the periodic discharge of blood and endometrial mucosal tissue from the uterus .During menstruation,the external genitalia of woman is more vulnerable to infections and genital skin problems.
Surveys have shown that 83% of woman would feel itch and pain. These are mostly caused by the use of poor quality sanitary napkins available in our markets.Here comes the importance of our brand colleen which provides both high absorbing, pain relieving anti-cancer graphene napkin and herbal, itch and infection free mugwart napkins. Along with these our napkins increase the woman’s self-confidence and keeps her healthy. We are focusing in the production and supply of high quality feminine hygienic products colleen with you for everrver

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